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12kg Colloidal Minerals for Horses




BECAUSE YOUR HORSE DESERVES TO BE HEALTHY TOO! Minerals are essential nutrients for both man and animals. Every living cell in the body is dependent on minerals for proper function and structure. They are vital components of body tissues and fluids and work in combination with enzymes, hormones, vitamins and transport substances. The mineral content of the soil has become depleted in many regions due to continual cropping and the overuse of fertilisers which only replace the major minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Once the mineral content of the soil is depleted this can, in turn, lead to lower mineral levels in the crops and pastures grown on these soils.

MINERAL DEFICIENCIES IN HORSES “Sub-clinical” trace mineral deficiencies are very common in domestic animals including horses. These deficiencies are often not recognised by horse owners and trainers as no specific symptoms of an obvious “disease” may be seen. Trace mineral deficiencies are not usually detected by routine blood tests and may continue undiagnosed for many months and even years, reducing the overall health and performance of your horse.

To learn more about symptoms of Horses with trace mineral deficiencies click here.

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