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3x Colloidal Plant Derived Minerals 500ml




LifeSPRINGS® Colloidal Minerals is a highly concentrated water based liquid containing a full spectrum of 75 plant derived minerals ranging from A to Z on the international minerals’ list, approximately containing 20,000 mg of a complete range of 75 minerals. They are sourced from a rich deposit of prehistoric plant material located in the mountains of Utah, and are processed naturally by leaching out the mineral rich deposit with spring water. The result is the world’s purest and most concentrated colloidal minerals which will keep your mind, body & spirit nourished.

Suggested Use:
Mix 5 ml of mineral water with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice daily, 2 ml for children. Suitable with or after meals. Refrigerate after opening.Keep out of reach from children.

Important Note:
Plant derived minerals are non-toxic, negatively charged and water soluble for rapid absorption in the body.

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Weight1.670 kg
Dimensions22.2 × 17.5 cm


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