Nutritious spinach juice

Spinach, cucumber, apple, celery and ginger juice recipe
A nutritious start to the day with spinach, apples, ginger, cucumber and celery in a juice. Add your minerals to this morning energiser to pack those extra nutrients into your day.



Prep time:

5 minutes


2 servings


1 Beetroot
3 Apples
3 Small carrots
5ml LifeSPRINGS plant derived minerals (per serving)


Add the ingredients to your juicer and juice them little by little. Make sure to stir your juice when it’s finished and optionally you can strain any unwanted foam on the top. Add 5ml of LifeSPRINGS plant derived to your glass and enjoy your liquid nutrients!


Drink your juice straight away. You can keep leftover juice in the fridge for about a day.

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