Plant Trace Mineral Powder

About the Product

LifeSPRINGS® Plant Trace Mineral Powder is the richest natural nutritional additive you can incorporate into your food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplement products. Our plant derived colloidal minerals are sourced from a prehistoric plant deposit and has proved by certified independent lab tests that the powder contains on average a complete spectrum of at least 75 minerals. LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Minerals therefore earn the title of having the highest mineral content value on the market. On top of that it happens to contain two very rare, beneficial elements; humic and fulvic acids.

What Are Colloidal Minerals?

A colloid is a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance, in this case dispersed in purified spring water. The water base must be removed to produce LifeSPRINGS™ Plant Trace Mineral Powder – This is accomplished by our propriety drying process, which maintains the integrity of the enzymes and animalcules in the product. The powder that remains after the water is removed is made up of approximately 75 different nano and pica sized plant minerals that are very hydroscopic because the moisture in the finished product is always very low. The finished product is packaged in double 6 mil food grade plastic bags and each bag is securely sealed with two food grade plastic ties.

Market a product with LifeSPRINGS® Plant Trace Mineral Powder

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Minerals can be used in a wide range of industries as an additive to increase nutritional value and marketability for any products that are to be consumed or used by humans. LifeSPRINGS® Plant Trace Mineral Powder is a perfect match for following industries:






Typical Analysis (mg/L)

LifeSPRINGS Plant Derived Minerals in varying presence and trace amounts, include the following Minerals:
Aluminium 930Europium 0.07Molybdenum <0.05Sodium 250
Antimony <0.05Fluoride 0.0066Neodynium 0.51Strontium 1.5
Arsenic <0.05Gadolinium 0.51Nickel 11Sulfur 6950
Barium <0.05Gallium <0.05Niobium <0.05Tantalum <0.05
Beryllium 0.28Germanium <0.05Osmium <0.001Tellurium <0.05
Bismuth <0.05Gold <0.05Palladium 0.05Terbium 0.083
Boron 0.88Hafnium <0.05Phosphorus 0.66Thallium <0.05
Bromine 0.013Holmium 0.11Platinum <0.05Thorium <0.05
Cadmium 0.19Indium <0.0023Potassium 27Thulium <0.05
Calcium 420Iodine <0.001Praseodymium 0.073Tin <0.05
Carbon 4020Iridium <0.05Rhenium <0.001Titanium <0.05
Cerium 0.36Iron <0.05Rhodium <0.05Tungsten <0.05
Caesium <0.05Lanthanum 0.11Rubidium 0.19Uranium <0.05
Chlorine 17Lead <0.05Ruthenium <0.05Vanadium <0.05
Chromium <0.05Lithium 2.8Samarium 0.25Ytterbium 0.2
Cobalt 8.3Lutetium <0.05Scandium 0.099Yttrium 5.4
Copper 0.098Magnesium 3870Selenium 0.25Zinc 36
Dysprosium 0.53Manganese 150Silicon 19Zirconium <0.05
Erbium 0.3Mercury <0.05Silver <0.05
Aluminium 930Hafnium <0.05Rubidium 0.19
Antimony <0.05Holmium 0.11Ruthenium <0.05
Arsenic <0.05Indium <0.0023Samarium 0.25
Barium <0.05Iodine <0.001Scandium 0.099
Beryllium 0.28Iridium <0.05Selenium 0.25
Bismuth <0.05Iron <0.05Silicon 19
Boron 0.88Lanthanum 0.11Silver <0.05
Bromine 0.013Lead <0.05Sodium 250
Cadmium 0.19Lithium 2.8Strontium 1.5
Calcium 420Lutetium <0.05Sulfur 6950
Carbon 4020Magnesium 3870Tantalum <0.05
Cerium 0.36Manganese 150Tellurium <0.05
Caesium <0.05Mercury <0.05Terbium 0.083
Chlorine 17Molybdenum <0.05Thallium <0.05
Chromium <0.05Neodynium 0.51Thorium <0.05
Cobalt 8.3Nickel 11Thulium <0.05
Copper 0.098Niobium <0.05Tin <0.05
Dysprosium 0.53Osmium <0.001Titanium <0.05
Erbium 0.3Palladium 0.05Tungsten <0.05
Europium 0.07Phosphorus 0.66Uranium <0.05
Fluoride 0.0066Platinum <0.05Vanadium <0.05
Gadolinium 0.51Potassium 27Ytterbium 0.2
Gallium <0.05Praseodymium 0.073Yttrium 5.4
Germanium <0.05Rhenium <0.001Zinc 36
Gold <0.05Rhodium <0.05Zirconium <0.05