LifeSPRINGS® Plant Trace Mineral Powder

Is the most power packed natural nutritional additive you can incorporate into your food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplement products.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Liquid and PowderLifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder is without question the finest Plant Derived Mineral with Fulvic and Humic Acid composition available. Certified independent lab tests prove the powder contains, on average, a complete spectrum of at least 75 minerals.

These plant derived minerals are completely different than the normal metallic minerals that come for rocks and soil. LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder is naturally extracted from an ancient deposit of prehistoric plant material.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Minerals can be used as an additive to any food, beverage, nutritional supplement/pharmaceuticals or consumable to increase nutritional value and marketability.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder is also used in various lotions, shampoos and cosmetics.

75 hydrophilic plant derived minerals in powdered form.

  • Increase the nutritional value of anything produced
  • The purest form of nutrition from Mother Nature
  • Completely different than metallic minerals found in the average supplement
  • Negative Zeta potential (electrical charge)
  • Free samples available for your own testing
  • Shipped in 25 kilo fibre drums

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder Additive is 100% water soluble and has been developed to be added to food, beverage, supplement/pharmaceutical and cosmetics products or anything else that is used or consumed by humans.

LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder is produced from a liquid mineral solution that contains 40,000 mg of mineral solids per quart. This liquid encompasses hydrophilic, negatively charged minerals (nontoxic), the same as those found in fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, broccoli, potatoes, oranges and apples. They began initially as metallic minerals that were synthesized by the plant as it grew. This photosynthesized process merely means that the metallic minerals were broken down many times in size as they passed through the plants root system and at the same time they were transformed from a positiveelectrical charge to a negative charge.Mother Nature has attached to a hydrogen molecule making them Hydrophilic in Nature.

This is the reason plant minerals are referred to as Hydrophilic and why is much easier for the body to absorb. Scientists believe the prehistoric deposit of plants have been accumulated approximately 70 million years ago when plants could still draw up to 80 or more minerals from the earth’s fertile top soil. It can best be described as an ancient plant deposit that contains a very extensive and comprehensive blend of numerous organic plant-derived minerals containing humic acid. Plant Derived Minerals were discovered in central Utah in 1926. Since then these mineral has been sold in 40 countries across the Globe.

Metallic minerals that come from ground up rocks or soil or any other source directly from the earth, are positively charged, non-soluble, toxic and hydrophobic minerals, which are much larger in size than plant minerals and not nearly as easy for the body to absorb because they are metals in every sense of the word!

More than 16 or 18 metallic minerals are extremely hard to find anymore due to the depletion of minerals near the earth’s surface. This is the reason no more than 12 or 13 minerals can be found in nearly all pharmaceuticals, supplements, beverages, food or cosmetics on the market.

Elaborate steps have been taken in the past to scientifically study and understand the LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder, including attempted particle sizing by several of the most prestigious laboratories in the United States. These labs were unable to particle size the minerals because they were much smaller than their instruments could detect. The particle sizing was finally accomplished by Dr. James Ranville from the Colorado School of Mines. He was amazed to find that many of the plant derived minerals were as much as approximately 10,000 times smaller than a red blood cell. Their small size and hydrophilic nature makes them only slightly larger than a water molecule which probably helps account for their ease of digestion and absorption in the body.

Certified lab tests always reveal a total of 70 to 75 minerals in the LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder. Fifteen rare earth minerals are included in the complete spectrum as you will see when you review a typical certified LifeSPRINGS™ Plant Trace Mineral Powder.

In explaining Plant Derived Mineral small size compared to metallic minerals, Dr. Ranville, of the Colorado School of Mines, gave us the Organic Continuum Chart found below. It clearly defines how hydrophilic complexes such as plant minerals, are relatively as much as 100,000 times smaller than hydrophobic metallic minerals.


Basically, the scale reveals that clay, silt and hydrophobic, non-soluble metallic minerals, on average, are considerably larger than hydrophilic acids or hydrophilic plant minerals. The figures at the top from left to right are measurements in microns. As an example, 10-4 is ten times smaller than10-3 and 10-6 is again 10 times smaller than 10-5 etc.

As you work your way to the right of the chart to the exponent of 10-9 you can clearly understand that hydrophilic complexes such as hydrophilic plant derived minerals are as much as 100,000 times smaller than 10-6 indicating the size of bacteria, viruses, clay and humic metal complexes. Pure plant derived minerals can be pumped through a pharmaceutical grade .02 micron absolute filter.

Metal minerals cannot be filtered through this small membrane. Now compare the molecular weight comparisons at the bottom of the scale. This is unbelievable to most people.

Minerals support and catalyse enzyme function, protein digestion, metabolism, cellular electrolyte impulses and billions of chemical reactions that help keep the spark of life generating. The food we can purchase or raise ourselves today contains an average of about 15, and in some cases, maybe as many as 20 minerals. This low number of minerals is due to the depletion of minerals in the earth’s top soil.

This is the reason people are becoming increasingly mineral deficient and more sickly than ever before in recorded history. This is also why you should consider a complete spectrum of 70 or more pure plant derived minerals to add to your, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics or anything else that is used or consumed by humans.

We predict the scientific industry will change the name of plant minerals in the future. This will probably occur after they eventually realize and understand plant minerals are no longer metal complexes.

To Produce LifeSPRINGS™ Plant Trace Mineral Powder

Plant derived minerals are naturally extracted, using only contaminate free reverse osmosis water. After the extracted mineral solids are combined with water, the result is a concentrated liquid mineral solution. The liquid is drained from the tanks after the specific gravity (solids) reaches the company’s desired level of at least 200,000 milligrams of mineral solids per gallon. As the liquid is drained, it passes through a series of food grade filters. The final filtered liquid passes through an absolute .02 micron filter that allows nothing but pure plant minerals and water in the mineral blend.

The water base must be removed to produce LifeSPRINGS™ Plant Trace Mineral Powder. This is accomplished by our propriety drying process, which maintains the integrity of the enzymes and animalcules in the product. The powder that remains after the water is removed is made up of approximately 75 different nano and pica sized plant minerals that are very hydroscopic because the moisture in the finished product is always very low. The finished product is packaged in double 6 mil food grade plastic bags and each bag is securely sealed with two food grade plastic ties.

It is then placed in 25 kilo fibre drums for shipping. Each drum has a lid safety lock for security purposes.

Only .06% to 1½% of LifeSPRINGS Plant Trace Mineral Powder is needed per batch.