Mineral Feed Supplement

The most important additive for the Animal Feed Industries, i.e. Livestock, Swine, Poultry, Fisheries and Sheep etc. LifeSPRINGS Mineral Feed Supplement can be used as an additive for a Pre Mix; the Pre Mix can be determined by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or can be used directly into the water in the case of Fisheries.

Liquid Raw Mineral Concentrate

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Humate Soil Conditioner

LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Organic Additive is perfect for soil ENRICHMENT and RE-MINERALIZATION for all Agricultural Crops and Private gardens.
LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additive consists of plant derived mineral powder (100% colloidal) and is a very rich source of Fulvic and Humic Acids.

Plant roots will always seek new supplies of nutrients. These nutrients must be readily available in a form easily assimilated by the plant cell process. Particle size (colloidal properties) also influences the rate of absorption.

Our LifeSPRINGS Humate Soil Conditioner Additivecontains colloidal minerals making it easily absorbed by the root structure. Also the interaction among the minerals provides plant synergy along with the correct balance of nutrients.