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Colloidal Minerals
for Human, Pet and Plant Health

A colloidal is an ultra microscopical particle that is in suspension in a solid, liquid or gas. In the case of our plant derived minerals, the mineral particles are suspended in spring water.

LifeSPRINGS colloidal plant derived minerals is most commonly used for us humans but it is also recommended pets and plants.

Anyone regardless of their diet can take LifeSPRINGS colloidal minerals as a safeguard to make sure that they are getting the full range of essential minerals. The good thing about plant derived minerals is that when your mineral deposits are stocked up, the excess minerals will be released through the urinary system. They will not build up in your body like regular metallic mineral supplements. 

Depending on factors that relate to your overall health such as diet, genetics, lifestyle and environmental circumstances, the noticeable benefits vary greatly from person to person. Individuals that have mineral deficiencies caused by their diets may feel a greater change than individuals that consume an overall mineral rich diet. However, effects such as increased energy, reduced cravings for sweets, better hair, skin and nail growth are common benefits from taking our minerals.

Most pet owners will see an improvement in their pets’ fur quality, such as shinier and softer fur. That is a clear sign that the minerals are doing their job of improving the overall health in one way or another. However, although shiny fur is a lovely plus, the minerals have many other important tasks to do within your pets’ body such as repairing, regenerating, protecting and developing their cells.

In some cases the minerals have helped with pets that have eczema.

When your plant lacks particular minerals the plant will show it in various different ways, depending on what minerals it’s lacking. For example if your plant is iron deficient its’ color will continue to fade and become pale until the leaf turns translucent and eventually, almost transparent. 

When you feed your plants by mixing colloidal minerals into their water you will see that their mineral deficiency symptoms fall back. If you continue to feed your plants, the minerals will act as a protective measure and they will ensure that your plant maintains its’ strong health.

This differs from one person to the next. Some individuals may notice an improvement within two weeks, other individuals may take longer to feel a definite change. A third group of individuals have stated that they notice a lowering of overall wellbeing when they have taken a break from the minerals.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to remember that our bodies need minerals to regenerate and develop structurally and functionally. The minerals act as a precautionary measure, making sure that your body will never lack essential minerals.

Most certainly can you take supplements like vitamins along with our minerals.

If you are severely deficient in one or more particular minerals and have been recommended to take mineral tablets then we advise that you speak to your health care professional about dosages to make sure that you are getting the amounts that you need.

If you take prescription medication then we recommend that you speak to your doctor or your health care professional about any interactions.

Colloidal Minerals
for Horses

Sub-clinical trace mineral deficiencies are very common in horses. These deficiencies are often not recognised by horse owners and trainers as no specific symptoms of an obvious disease may be seen. Trace mineral deficiencies are not usually detected by routine blood tests and may continue undiagnosed for many months and even years, reducing the overall health and performance of your horse. That being said, horses with trace mineral deficiencies may show some of the following symptoms:

 – Dull, rough hair coat
 – Brittle, crumbly hooves
 – Less than optimal muscle mass
 – Nervous, highly strung behavior
 – Poor athletic performance
 – Recurring or prolonged viral infections
 – Reduced fertility in both mares and stallions

It has taken considerable time to fully develop a complete supplement formula to the point where it works universally. It works on yearlings, on mares, even in season. It also works on stallions and is beneficial to quarter horse and thoroughbreds. Horses supplemented with LifeSPRINGS mineral feed can in due course have following health improvements:

 – Improved overall health
 – Reduction of diseases, even the common cold
 – Improved hair quality
 – Improved disposition
 – Improved conception rates
 – Improved structure of the hooves, especially in the outer exterior of the wall
 – Improved fertility

The horses that are supplied with LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Plant Derived Mineral premix will have a considerable improvement but it would take between six to eight months for a definite improvement to be noted.

LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Minerals for horses has been scientifically formulated to support the health of any horse. The formula contains colloidal minerals, yeast culture, stabilised raw wheat germ and activated enzymes.

The yeast culture creates the flora that is needed for the microbiological development of breaking down their food and releasing enzymes.

The stabilised raw wheat germ which is grown in Australia contains B complexes, amino acids and high levels of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is needed to bind the B complexes, the amino acids and the minerals together.

The colloidal minerals contain a full spectrum of approximately 75 major and trace minerals. Germanium, in particular, aids in carrying oxygen which compliments vitamin E. Carrying more oxygen on a cellular level to the horse improves the cardiovascular system, thereby reducing the buildup of lactic acid.
Selenium and Lithium within the mineral complex itself help with the neurotransmission and nervous condition, especially of racehorses.

Colloidal minerals
for Human, Pet and Plant Health

we recommend that LifeSPRINGS colloidal minerals are mixed into juices, smoothies, proteinshakes, teas, soups, dips, fruitsalads or breakfasts such as cereal, Açaí or oats.

The colloidal minerals can be put into your pets’ drinking water or preferably mixed into their food so that the minerals don’t go to waste.

Mix 10ml of colloidal minerals into approximately 1 liter water. Water your plants with the mineral and water mixture.

Colloidal minerals
for Horses

Scoops of the mineral supplement is added to your horse’s food. 1 or 2 scoops are added depending on how much your horse weighs. If your horse weighs from 250-300 kg then you add one scoop to their food, preferably half the total dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. For a horse weighing from 300-500 2 scoops are added to their feed, 1 scoop in the morning and one in the evening.

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