The LifeSPRINGS Improvement for Horses

Improvement for horses

Minerals are essential nutrients for both man and animals but what kind of improvement will be noticed when your horse is on a mineral diet?

Every living cell in the body is dependent on minerals for proper function and structure. They are vital components of body tissues and fluids and work in combination with enzymes, hormones, vitamins and transport substances. The mineral content of the soil is depleted in many regions due to continual cropping and the overuse of fertilisers which only replace the major minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium resulting in a lack of all other minerals that the cells naturally need.

Mineral deficiencies in horses

Sub-clinical trace mineral deficiencies are very common in domestic animals including horses. These deficiencies are often not recognised by horse owners and trainers as no specific symptoms of an obvious disease may be seen. Trace mineral deficiencies are not usually detected by routine blood tests and may continue undiagnosed for many months and even years, reducing the overall health and performance of your horse. Horses with trace mineral deficiencies may show the following symptoms:

  • Dull, rough hair coat
  • Brittle, crumbly hooves
  • Less than optimal muscle mass
  • Muscle disorders such as “tying-up”
  • Nervous, highly strung behavior
  • Poor athletic performance
  • Recurring or prolonged viral infections
  • Reduced fertility in both mares and stallions

The LifeSPRINGS Formula

The following ingredients were added to LifeSPRINGS Plant Derived: – Yeast culture, stabilised raw wheat germ and activated enzymes. Read on to understand the role of each of these ingredients.

Yeast Culture – creates the flora that is needed for the microbiological development to breakdown the foodstuffs and release the enzymes, when it gets into the colon, and then into the bloodstream. The balance we have developed is important for certain compounding as it has allowed us to obtain the perfect ratios for a supplement.  However, you can adjust the equivalent of the amounts of supplement you use depending on the weight and the size of the animal and how active it is, whether in heavy breeding or in active training.

The stabilised raw wheat germ that comes from the wheat field of Australia carries a high concentration of Vitamin E, which is needed to carry and bond the B Complexes, the amino acids and the minerals together. The enriched supplement carries all the amino acids, all the B Complexes and more trace elements in an organic form which come from yeast as it is grown. The stabilized raw wheat germ adds a considerable amount of Vitamin E which helps to carry and bind and creates bonding as the animal digests the material. The ingredients within the minerals, particularly Germanium, carry extra oxygen which compliments Vitamin E. Thus if you carry more oxygen to the animal, there cardiovascular system is going to improve, thereby reducing the buildup of lactic acid. The Selenium and Lithium within the mineral complex itself help with the neurotransmission and nervous condition, especially of the racehorses. The results of LifeSPRINGS colloidal mineral supplement for horses have already been extensively documented and the most common findings are explained below.

Most common beneficial findings of a mineral diet

Our experience shows that if the animals that are supplied with LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Plant Derived Mineral premix there will be a considerable improvement but it would take between six to eight months for a definite improvement to be noted. It has taken considerable time to fully develop a complete supplement formula to the point where it works universally. It works on yearlings, on mares, even in season; it works on stallions and is beneficial to quarter horse and thoroughbreds. Horses supplemented with LifeSPRINGS colloidal minerals for horses can in due course lead to the following health improvements:

  • Improved Health
  • Reduction of diseases, even the common COLD
  • Improved hair quality
  • Improved Disposition
  • Improved Conception Rates
  • Improved structure of the hooves, especially in the outer exterior of the wall
  • Improved fertility

Improved fertility

This supplement formula has improved the sperm count of the stallion. It has been noticed that mares that have been out of service because they could not hold a follicle as a result of the quality of the mucus membrane inside the lining of the uterus, improved. In other words the mucus membrane inside the lining of the uterus has improved to the point where the mares not only produce egg and a follicle but also impregnate and therefore do not abort.

Improved hoof wall

Any improvement of the Hoof Wall is extremely important in the breeding and racehorse business. We have found that when the animal is raised on LifeSPRINGS colloidal mineral supplement for horses the foot grows both down and out. We have experienced even on full thoroughbred horses and horses that we have in the running quarter horse field, (where they are predominantly thoroughbred, as much as 7/8 thoroughbred), that the horses always maintain at least ¼ inch around the wall to support the shoe. This means that laminitis, in most cases, is avoided. Furthermore, the horses with laminitis and brood mares with dropped soles have improved to the point where they can go on with their normal activities and perform, when put on our natural mineral product.

Improved conception rates

The young horses on the racetrack do not develop nervous habits and they are easy to haul after they have been raised on the LifeSPRINGS formula. This is important, knowing that some horses get very claustrophobic in the trailer and small compartments. Furthermore, when these horses go to the racetrack they look around without panicking. Similarly, at the starting gate it has been noticed that they are not nervous or panicky. The horses do not get over-excited, they go out and do their job, they pay attention and they are focused on what they are doing.

Improved disposition

LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Mineral Supplement for horses improves the overall disposition of the animals. It is important to note that when the Vitamin/Minerals Mix  is added to the horses’ diet, you can overcome a lot of bad disposition in the horses. It is impossible for that to be the case for all horses since they are individuals that all vary greatly, in the same way as humans. It is clear that the mineral supplement gives a definite advantage to the horses’ learning capacity as the addition of LifeSPRINGS colloidal mineral supplement for horses has a remarkable benefit onto their learning curve.  Furthermore, the horses do not seem to have post race trauma, and it has been observed that there is almost 100 percent exertion of the animal’s capability.  Therefore, the so called non performers and ‘sour’ horses – such as roping horses, professional barrel horses etc., benefit from LifeSPRINGS colloidal mineral supplement for horses in that their capabilities are enhanced.

Improvement in horses that are bound up or have diarrhoea

It is a trend to overuse antibiotics but a downside is that it can bound up the horses. Some horses also suffer from diarrhea from the use of particular drugs. The drugs can put the animals’ digestive tracks in complete disarray – e.g. the belly grows and they have painful gut aches. When such a horse is put onto the LifeSPRINGS colloidal mineral supplement for horses, the yeast culture in the Mix starts to develop and the B Complexes settle down the nerves, the excrements become firm and the belly ache goes away.

Nutritional and ancillary benefits

Fly and odor issues

When the animals’ stools are gathered into a manure pile to the composted the odor is practically gone and there are little or no flies attached to the pile. Traces of organic elements like arsenic and cyanide help to eliminate viruses in the system so when they consequently are passed down to the stools it close to terminates all odor and fly issues.

Manure benefits

When the manure pile starts to decompose it becomes parasite free and is thus an excellent fertilizer for the ground. The horse manure also acts as pesticide because of the active ingredients which the animals pass through their systems. This is the natural cycle that helps and benefits itself, unfortunately due to the excessive farming all around the world the natural resources are depleted and exhausted. Using LifeSPRINGS Colloidal Minerals for horses is a simple way to give nutrients back to animals and the earth because they are part of the same cycle. Read more about the product here.