Metallic Minerals vs Plant Derived Minerals

Metallic Minerals vs.
Plant Derived Minerals

What is the real difference between metallic minerals and plant derived minerals?

Minerals come from rocks. Rocks are made up of mineral salts that are gradually broken down by erosion to form soil. Microbes in the soil work on the tiny mineral crystals that then pass from the soil into the plants through their root systems and by the process of photosynthesis convert them into an organic colloidal form, which is easily absorbed into our bodies.
Most of the minerals that are available in pharmacies and health food stores, whether they be tablets, capsules, or powders, are in their original metallic form. They can be toxic if taken in large quantities and if they are hydrophobic, (hate water), because it makes them very difficult to be absorbed into the body and can end up accumulating in the system without being absorbed.

Why not just take a mineral supplement?

It is all about the source in which the minerals come from that determines whether or not they are truly beneficial to our biological system. Plant Derived minerals are microscopic, water soluble and in addition to that they carry a bio electric negative charge which is rapidly absorbed by the our positively charged intestine walls. So in conclusion it is recommended to do the research to make sure that the mineral supplement in question is from a natural plant derived source before you make a commitment to it.